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Most children and young people will struggle with some aspects of learning  at some point in their educational journey. The Wirral Graduated Approach recognises this and helps schools and settings to support their children and young people in the right way and at the right time.  We are ambitious about putting the child or young person at the centre of what we are trying to do for them so that they feel supported and included in their classrooms, developing their confidence and motivation in their learning. In using the Graduated Approach, schools and settings can figure out the best way to help their children and young people in their classrooms and try different ways to support them.  They can use the approach to work, not only with the child or young person, but also their families and other agencies, to put the right support in place as soon as it is needed.

There are resources and training opportunities as well as teaching tips and LA information.


Specialist provision on Wirral update

Wirral’s Graduated Approach – June 23

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