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Image of a girl in a capeBeyond proud to let you know that this week Wirral’s Director for Children’s Services Paul Boyce OBE, has formally recognised the fantastic work Poppy has been doing in her role as SEND Youth Engagement Officer. Poppy works hard to ensure the voice of the young person is not only heard but at the very centre of all things SEND. She inspires other young people to raise their aspirations, she instills hope and confidence in Parent/Carers that with support their son/daughter can go onto achieve.


Word of ‘Poppy Power’ has quickly got round the local, regional and national SEND platforms and Poppy is proud to represent Wirral  young people. She is reluctant to take credit for her achievements and instead reflects on the fantastic and life changing support she received from the team of professionals at Pilgrim Street Arts Theatre. Who can blame her ? Modern day miracle makers …. To mark Poppy’s achievements we will prepare an article on what happens at Pilgrim Street Arts Theatre and the diverse range of arts activities o offer to our vulnerable young people. Congratulations Poppy!





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