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This extract is from an incredibly brave and strong young lady, this is the story about a person trying to live with anxiety, autism and social communication disorder through lockdown.

I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that people are talking more and more about the impact of the Coronavirus on people who have special needs, mental health issues and also vulnerable older people.

I’m sure the storyteller isn’t alone in finding herself struggling to cope with this new way of living and all the change it’s bringing.

This pandemic. This coronavirus. This new way of existing. It’s confusing, it’s terrifying. But I know everyone is doing all they can to keep us safe and get it sorted. I feel the support and the fabulous community spirit helping us all through this difficult time.

The storyteller is me, Poppy. Wirral’s SEND Youth Engagement Officer. This blog will tell you my story and how I got here.

We’ve listened to your feedback and have created this blog facility to help us engage with one another. Let’s give it a try… We’ve also set up an e mail address for you to contact us directly.

To help me get started maybe you could drop me an e mail to [email protected]. Let me know how often you’d like me to blog. Daily, weekly? What would you like to know?

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