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Hello everybody,

Hoping to be back to the new ‘normal’ soon, I cannot wait to be back in an office, see people face to face and be able to present in a room.

Although I have adapted, coped and been able to carry on, I am encouraged to see the next steps in the government COVID roadmap.

COVID-19 has brought many negatives, but I feel there have been some positives too, especially in my working life. It has allowed me to be involved in more regional and national events/projects from the comfort of my home office, in my safe space.

A lot of people ask me what my job role is. I think it’s hard to describe my role as it doesn’t always fit the job description and can change daily. I think roles like mine are important and play a key part in building trusting relationships between councils and young people. I think it is easier to talk and relate to a young professional as we have similar life experience and we are young people ourselves.

I presented at a Senior SEND Leaders event in February. This was to talk about the importance of support and buy in from the highest level within an organisation. It was a great opportunity to help get the attentions of all the attendees and show them the positive impact of engaging with and employing young people. Hearing tips and advice from a young professional with lived experience, ways in which they can involve young people in practice and decisions also proved useful. It was powerful too!


As you know from my previous blogs, I don’t mind sharing my experiences. If I can use my past to benefit someone’s future, then I’ll be very happy. My passion is to drive to create change.

Take care,


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