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Publication of comments on the local offer

56.—(1) A local authority must seek from children and young people with special educational

needs or a disability, and the parents of children with special educational needs or a disability

comments on—

(a) the content of its local offer, including the quality of the provision that is included and

any provision that is not included;

(b) the accessibility of the information contained in its local offer; and

(c) how the local offer has been developed or reviewed, including how those children,

parents and young people have been involved in the development and review of the local


(2) Subject to paragraph (3), a local authority must publish comments received by or on behalf

of those people in accordance with paragraph (1), and its response to those comments (including

details of any action the authority intends to take) on its website, with the local offer.

(3) Comments received and the local authority’s response must be published at least annually,

and must be in a form that does not enable any individual to be identified.

(4) The local authority is not required to publish or respond to any comments which—

(a) it considers to be vexatious; or

(b) relate to services provided to a particular individual.

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