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National Children’s Day UK (NCDUK) is all about the importance of a healthy childhood, and how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of children and young people. It’s a day of celebration, but it’s also a great opportunity for anyone involved with children to raise awareness about projects they are running or things they care about.

For NCDUK2022 the theme will be exploring how we need to create a kinder world what makes people unkind and how everyone can choose to be kind.

What does kind mean?

The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Kindness is a way to change the world for the better and a way to better ourselves for the world.

Kindness is a path to happiness and a happy way for us to potentially find our journey.

A person who is kind think about another person’s feelings and their own, they help someone who is in need.


What kindness means to children – https://youtu.be/VApeQZWZVQw

What does it mean to be kind –  https://youtu.be/D2P-vuO6qYU


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