Gathering SEND Youth Voice


SEND Youth Voice Group

Empowering young people to share your views is at the heart of the local offer. You have told us that words are not always the best way to share your ideas and experiences and that you need other ways to communicate.
Based on this we approached Creative Youth Development who facilitate Wirral’s Youth Voice Group (YVG). The YVG hold an annual conference where they tackle current issues most affecting young people. You can read more about last year’s conference here and details about 2016 conference will be posted on Teenwirral.
We asked the group if any of the young people with SEND would be interested in having a group that seperately tackles issues related to SEND. A group of young people said that they would  be interested and so the SEND Youth Voice Group was born.
Staff and peer mentors facilitate the SEND Youth Voice Group in a way that empowers young people to communicate through dance, drama, art and words if they choose.

The group is open to all young people from 13-25 with SEND
It meets the last Tuesday of every month 6pm-7.30pm
at Wirral Youth Theatre,
1 Pilgrim Street, Birkenhead
CH41 5EH.

If you would like to come along please contact Seline at Creative Youth Development on 0151 666 3707.

The group are currently working on a dance and drama piece that will be shown to commissioners and service providers on Wirral. The event will take place at Wirral Youth Theatre on Friday 28th October 2016 – 9.30am.  The event will be filmed and uploaded to the homepage – so watch this space!
If dance and drama isn’t your thing but art and design is then we have a seperate project running in which a group of young people are designing a Local Offer leaflet to better explain what the local is and how it can be used. Again you can contact Seline on 0151 666 3707 if you would like to get involved.


Together All Are Able

Together All Are Able are a self-advocacy group for people with disabilties aged 16 upwards. They meet at different venues around Wirral and have activities like Zumba that you can get involved in. Together All Are Able say self-advocacy involves speaking up for yourself and knowing your rights. You can find out more about what they do and how to get involved on their Facebook page.
Contact Jenny or Vicky on 07984 532410 or email [email protected]

The examples below show how children and young people are getting involved in developing the Local Offer site.
As well as on-going feedback about the site, we are now looking for schools and community groups to help us create artwork for different pages on the Local Offer. Please contact us if you would like to help design a cartoon or let us know if you are part of a group that would like to get involved.

Liscard Primary School

We visited Mrs Chambers’ year 6 SEN class at Liscard Primary School to see what they thought of the Local Offer. The children were enthusiastic about their task and made some honest points. They drew beautiful pictures like the ones below and explained talked us through what the drawings represented.
Click here for Liscard Primary School Feedback

Liscard Primary Picture 1Liscard Primary Picture 2

WEB Merseyside – Young Women’s Group

We received some fantastic feedback from the young women’s group at WEB. The girls in this group range from age 14-18 and so the transition area of the Local Offer was particularly relevant to them.
Overall the group told us that:

  • A news section updated regularly with local events would be useful
  • Information around Duke of Edinburgh, NCS, supported volunteering, apprenticeships and jobs should also be included, as should where to go and who to contact
  • They would like to see images of children and young people with SEND living on Wirral
  • They would like to see video clips and moving images with sound
  • They also said that the word “Information” at the top of the home page doesn’t explain much and is confusing

Based on this we have:

  • Worked with the Youth Theatre to create a video clip explaining how to use the site
  • Begun adjusting the language and have included easy read documents where available – this work will continue
  • Added a volunteering section to the employment box
  • Removed the word “Information” from the home page
  • Asked Creative Youth Development for still images of the young people enagged in activities to use on the site. We are awaiting these and will post as soon as they are available.
  • Asked Wirral’s Safeguarding Board to share images they are using on their new website. We will post as soon as these are available.

A big thank you to all the girls at WEB for your time, effort and well thought-out feedback!


Wirral Metropolitan College

Wirral Met built a Local Offer feedback session into an IT lesson plan, for a group of students with SEN. The aim of the session was to get the groups feedback on the look and usability of the new Local Offer site befor it went live. The feedback on the original site told us that it was better to start again than to amend what was existing and we wanted to make sure that we had got it right this time.
Overall the students told us that it was quite easy to use and that the layout was nice and simple. They said that the colours are nice and bright but that more photo’s of local children would make it interesting. They also asked for a video to be made showing how to use the site with local young people in it. The class felt overall that there needed to be more information on the local offer as some of the boxes were blank. Finally they told us the language is too difficult to understand in most of the boxes and isn’t aimed at young people.
To read all the feedback given by the students at Wirral Met and how we have made changes in response to it please visit our You said We did section.

Many thanks to Wirral Metropolitan College and the young people for their time and support.


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