Workstream 3 – Co-production, Communication and Relationships

Workstream Lead- Elizabeth Hartley, Interim Deputy Director, Children’s Services, Wirral Council

Pen Picture – Elizabeth Hartley

This workstream will address:

  • The lack of meaningful co-production with parents and carers
  • Fractured relationships between the area and the Parent Carer Forum (PCPW) and the impact of this on the area’s progress in implementing the reforms
  • Poor communication with parents and carers across the area

The outcomes the workstream aims to achieve are:

  • Co-production is understood and valued by all stakeholders, with a clearly defined vision of good, collaborative co-production
  • Improved and positive relationships exist between Wirral Council and the Parent Carer Forum (PCPW) helping accelerate the pace of improvement and reform
  • Communications with parents, carers and young people with SEND are positive and a valued part of all SEND processes and systems

Workstream Updates

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