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SEND Transformation Board

A SEND Transformation Board has been set up to ensure that the Local Area improves its services for children and young people with SEND.  The Board will oversee the Written Statement of Action (WSoA) and all the work it contains.

Members of the SEND Transformation Board are:

  • Chair Simone White, Director, Children, Families & Education, Wirral Council
  • Deputy Chair Elizabeth Hartley, Assistant Director, Early Help and Prevention, Wirral Council
  • Place Director Simon Banks, Place Director (Wirral)
  • PCPW Chair Cath Griffiths, Chair of the Parent Carer Partnership Wirral
  • PCPW Rep Lisa O’Boyle, Parent Carer Partnership Wirral representative
  • Workstream 1 Lead Jason Oxley, Assistant Director, Care and Health and Commissioning for People, Wirral Council
  • Workstream 2 Lead Carly Brown, Assistant Director, Strategy and Partnerships, Wirral Council
  • Workstream 3 Lead Elizabeth Hartley, Assistant Director, Early Help and Prevention, Wirral Council
  • Workstream 4 Lead James Backhouse, Assistant Director, Education, Wirral Council
  • Workstream 5 Lead Lorna Quigley, Director of Quality and Safety (Chief Nurse) Wirral CCG
  • Workstream 6 Lead Mike Chantler, Assistant Director, Communication, Wirral CCG
  • Head of SEND Katy Bird

The Department for Education Advisor and CQC Advisor will be invited to attend meetings as observers.

To find out more about the SEND Transformation Board, how it works, what it will do, and who it reports to, please read the Terms of Reference and Governance Arrangements

Download SEND Transformation Board Governance

The SEND Transformation Board will meet on the following dates:

  • 25th April 2022
  • 27th June 2022
  • 4th September 2022
  • 31st October 2022
  • 13th February 2023
  • 19th June 2023

SEND Transformation Board Meeting 25th April 2022

Click here to download the SEND Transformation Board Agenda

Minutes- (add when available)

SEND Transformation Board Meeting 27th June 2022

AGENDA and papers SEND Transformation Board 27 June 2022

Actions – SEND Transformation Board – 27 June 2022

SEND Transformation Board Meeting 5th September 2022


Written Statement Of Action (WSOA) BRAG Rated September 2022

SEND Transformation Board Meeting  31st October 2022

DfE Monitoring Report November 22 – FINAL

SEND Transformation Board 31.10.22

Supplementary report 3.3.b Strengths and Weaknesses of Communication Findings Report

Actions – 31 October 2022 Notes

SEND Transformation Board 31 October 2022

SEND Transformation Board Meeting 9th January 2023

SEND Transformation Board Agenda 09.01.2023

Update on WsoA activity 09.01.23

SEND TB Joint commissioning report (Agenda Item 4) 09.01.2023

Workstream 3 SEND TB Co-Production Charter (Agenda Item 5) 09.01.2023

Workstream 4 SEND TB IQM Overview (Agenda Item 6) 09.01.23

Workstream 5 SEND TB Action Group Overview (Agenda Item 7) 09.01.23


It’s been a year since the outcome of the Local Area SEND Inspection was published and to help us understand where we are on our improvement journey, we’ve recently had a check in with stakeholders. We wanted to find out from young people, parent carers, volunteers, staff, and settings, about what they really want us to focus our energy on improving over the next 12 months. 




Priority Plan March 2023




There are 6 workstreams to deliver the WSoA. These are:

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