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There are 2 names in this directory beginning with the letter E.
Educational Psychologist
There is an educational psychologist named for each school. He/she will normally only work directly with pupils whose needs are felt to be quite considerable and who have not responded well to the interventions previously put in place for them by school staff. Generally, school staff can prioritise the order children/young people are seen in by the educational psychologist according to their level of concern. The sessions/assessments with the educational psychologist are generally planned and on one of their allocated days for visiting that school. Parents should be informed of any planned assessment with an educational psychologist and will generally have a meeting with the education psychologist to share relevant information. The educational psychologist can offer advice to the school and parents/carers on how to best support the pupil in order to take their learning forward. The educational psychologist is also required to supply a report for a child if an education health care plan is requested.

EHC Plan Co-ordinator/Named Officer 
This is the role previously filled by statementing officers. It will be the role of this person to collate all information in relation to the EHC plan and write the document.

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