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Next Chapter  work with children over the age of 8 and adults. They’re passionate about helping people to develop more understanding about themselves – their brains, their bodies and the direct link between the two.

The team are passionate to help you take your confidence up a notch and make the changes in life that you want to. Once you’ve got that self-belief and you know how to summon it, you’ll feel more empowered and able to ‘own’ your personal wellbeing and the choices you want to make to maintain it.

Next Chapter is where personal development, wellness and education meet; a group of people that allow you to become more self-aware and a place to develop new skills, strategies and plans you’re your future. Wanting to support you gain clarity on what your Next Chapter looks like, to set yourself goals and really define where you would like to see change in your life.

As a team they bring a lot of personal and professional experience to our advice and we combine a variety of approaches, aimed to suit a wide range of needs, meeting you ‘where you are’ and taking it from there.  For some people, that may require some 121 mentoring or coaching or for others maybe group workshops or courses. Whichever approach best suits your needs, all are designed to empower you to identify where you are feeling a bit stuck in life, to work out what your obstacles are and create a plan to overcome them and move forward. The team are here because they want everyone to be the best version of themselves, the one that gets up in the morning, stands tall and says to themselves – I can, I will… watch me.

Offer to Wirral Residents

We have a number of funding streams to offer services, therefore, would ask that you are familiar with the criteria.  We are happy to chat through options with anyone who calls, as part of our initial consultation to ensure suitability.  All courses are currently offered online, using Zoom, except Gateway, which is delivered in person, small groups, in line with Covid guidance.

Our current offer includes (flyers above) :

Family Coaching (Funded until 31st March 2022)

We are proud to be part of a team of community organisations delivering family coaching.  There are a number of wonderful coaches available, www.wirralfamilycoaches.com

No waiting lists, eligibility criteria or threshold.  Available to anyone in Wirral who may be feeling stuck, have a child or responsibility for a child (including grandparents) and want to have space to think about changes they want to make in their life.  This can be focused around any issues at all, which may impact upon family life, including, relationship challenges, parental conflict, domestic abuse, financial difficulties, child behaviour, special educational needs challenges, family life, home life, rules and boundaries, stress management, managing lifestyles or health changes, change of career, managing time, organisational skills, dealing with professionals, how to ask for help, communication skills.

Lifelong Learning Courses (funding until July 2022)

For those earning under £18,135 or in receipt of benefits, over 19 living in Wirral.

– Managing Me

– Developing Positive Communication

– Wellness Education

– Step to work (supporting people to reframe limiting beliefs about disability and health conditions – information available later this year for a January start)


WEA – Ignite (Funded until 31st March 2022)

For those who are in receipt of benefits, over 19 and have left an abusive relationship, or want to manage toxic family relationships more effectively (such as controlling relationships with parents or other family members), enabling them to feel more confident to move forward, gaining confidence to rebuild and find their inner strength.


Managing Managing, Family Bubble (funded until September 2023)

Aimed at children between 8-16 who are experiencing worry, anxiety or needing to learning how to understand themselves, brain, reactions and emotions more effectively.  This is an early help  approach, combining a therapeutic, educational approach.  This is NOT to replace counselling, but give people the tools to help themselves and there is an essential requirement for parents to engage in a workshop, so they can model techniques at home..


This is heavily subsidised, however, we ask for a contribution of £30 per person towards resource costs, demonstrating commitment to attending the whole programme.  Payment plans available.  Consultation required to ensure suitability and commitment to the programme.


I trust this is of use and if you require any more information, or discuss how we could develop a collaboration to reach your service users, please do let me know.

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