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As part of my young person section/blog I thought it would be good to ask other young people to be involved and share their experiences or thoughts through the pandemic. I will post them when the young person has completed them.  Today is the turn of Tora. We meet up with Tora at the weekly sessions organised by the highly skilled Creative Youth Development Team based at Pilgrim Street Arts Theatre. With their support and expertise, Tora has been supported and encouraged to follow her passions, art and dance.

Here is Tora’s blog entry…

Hi, my name is Tora Price and I’m 15 years old. During the first lockdown it was tough because we couldn’t go to the shops, school or go to dance. We had to do it all online including talking to friends and families that we weren’t able to see for a while, well until the government say so. After the lockdown was over, we finally got to see friends and families but we still had to social distance 2 metres and wear a mask, which was weird.

The 2nd lockdown wasn’t that bad, but we still got to do some stuff like, shopping for food, go for a run, meet people and all that stuff that we were allowed to do.

The 3rd lockdown was the same as the 2nd but it was fine, a bit stressful but I got the hang of it. I still attended my online dance sessions with Creative Youth Development Team which has really helped and it has been fun to see everyone on camera!

Here’s a poem I wrote, hope you like it.

Is my life good? Yes

Or is it a mess?

Well, who knows,

I will give you a pose.

My life is about art,

But I’m kinda smart.

I love games,

But I’m not the same.

I’m happy with my friends,

And it will never be the end.

Music is overpowered,

And I love the mix of them.

During COVID-19,

My family and friends support me.

Technology helps me cope with COVID-19.

As shops and schools have been closed for several months, even longer.

But we got through it for over a year and we are getting nearer and nearer

Together forever.

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