Transition COVID 19 – children form June 2020

Transitions into Reception in 2020 Guidance as of June 2020

It’s nearly time for your child to start school either Foundation 1 (nursery) or Foundation 2 (reception). To help with your child’s transition during this very unusual time we have developed a special form for you and your child to complete. This form will let the school know all about your child and their time during lockdown.

If possible print the form off and let your child fill any sections, you can help them with some of the writing and drawing. The parents section is for you to share your thoughts, celebrations (you home schooled wahoo), concerns or questions. All this information will really help your child, the school and you transition into becoming a partner with the school.

Wirral Council has also produced a helpful guidance with lots of information you might find useful

Good luck on your new adventure, we hope it’s a smooth and enjoyable time.

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