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Here at the Positivitree we have put together a support offer for Parent/Carers of children, young people or vulnerable adults with ANY additional need (SEND, medical conditions, waiting for diagnosis – all welcome!).

We have built a team of Wellbeing Facilitators who are all experts by experience and bring a wealth of additional knowledge including; Life Coaching, Mental Health First Aid, Law, Sensory Diets, CCBT coaching, Primary Education and Early Years SEND.

Each of our team members has capacity to offer 1-1 support to parents who are struggling to cope with the current challenges they are facing.

To register for this support parents can be referred directly by professionals/practitioners or can self refer via the following link

Parent-carer wellbeing support registration 2021

Most recently we have worked with Open Door Charity to introduce Creative Therapy sessions to our offer and are taking registrations for the four week ‘Colours’ programme which blends self-care methods with elements of cognitive behavioural therapy to enhance parental resilience.  We will be accepting registrations  to The Open Door Charity’s eight week C-CBT programme ‘Bazaar’ as soon as it is safe to deliver 1-1 face to face again.  Parents will be matched with a peer-mentor to work through this innovative programme to improve their mental fitness.


We have 5 group online support sessions per week.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 12-2pm, Wednesday and Thursday 7-9pm.  These sessions can be accessed by registering on the following link:

Zoom support groups

Carers; like the ones we work with, were amongst some of the most socially isolated members of society before the pandemic.  We have created a genuinely supportive, inspiring and safe place for them to connect with their peers and navigate the challenges we are faced with.

Equally, we are looking for speakers from other organisations to share with us the offer available to our members and their families, if this is you we would love to hear from you. Contact details below.



Rachel Daley
The Positivitree Ltd
p: 07877782826
e: [email protected]
w: www.thepositivitree.com

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