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Wirral’s Local Offer first went live way back in 2014. Since then it has undergone many changes, mainly because of things you have said to us.

How to have your say

We listen closely to the feedback we receive through surveys, workshops, conferences, engagement with our Parent/Carer forum (PCPW), focus groups, information sharing events with schools, face to face opportunities, and community outreach work. Your opinions are welcomed and encouraged.

Other ways we get feedback

Marketing & Engagement

Wirral’s Local Offer regularly attend school and early years events, open days, SEND coffee morning, parent evenings, transition evenings and summer fairs to promote the Local Offer. This enables us to respond to enquiries, provide guidance on how to use the directory and the local offer and record feedback. If you would like to invite the team to attend a forthcoming or activity please contact the Local Offer Lead, Sally Tittle. By e mail: [email protected] or by phone 0151 666 4488.

Practitioners working with families

We attend meetings and training events with multiagency practitioners to promote the Local offer, advise practitioners as to how best to use the Local Offer to both support families and identify areas for improvement.

Parent carer groups

We work with Wirral’s parent/carer forum (PCPW) and regularly meet up with a range of splinter Parent/Carer groups representative of the full age span of the Local Offer’s target audience 0-25. School Parent Associations invite the Local Offer into school to parent/carer attended events to widen the scope of the feedback.

Young People

We also plan and coordinate an ongoing programme of engagement with children and young people who have special educational needs or who are disabled (SEND). We engage monthly with Wirral’s established SEND Youth Voice Group and this provides a forum for young people and practitioners to come together to share and discuss feedback on the Local Offer. It also gives us the opportunity to listen to their views, identify issues and fill gaps in provision or support.

The Local Offer also meet with pupil forums in Wirral primary and secondary schools. Termly visits provide excellent communication channels to help us be clear as to the current views of our young SEND population

Social Media

We use social media to promote the Local Offer and invite users to provide feedback. We have a Facebook page and a Twitter account which provides an instant method for sharing information and receiving feedback.


Partnership Working

We meet regularly with colleagues from Health and Social Care who offer an invaluable additional strand of feedback. Health have access to several Patient forums who meet regularly.

Charities and Voluntary organisations such as Wirral Mencap and Autism Together invite the Local offer to Parent/Carer/Young people events which creates a useful marketing opportunity and avenue for feedback.

You Said We Did

We never stop working to make your Local Offer better for you to use. Here is a rundown of some of the most recent changes we have made in response to your feedback:

Working with our SEND Youth Voice group we have created video content to help promote Wirral’s Local Offer and share the feelings of our young SEND Wirralians. This can be found at the foot of the Local Offer homepage

Set out below are the things you said and the things we did in response:

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