Wirral Short Break Services for Disabled Children

Short Break Services are a Wirral Council team made up of two development officers and a team support officer. We are based at Liscard Municipal Offices and our work focuses on ‘Short breaks’.
Short breaks are opportunities for disabled children and young people aged 0-19 to take part in a wide range of clubs and activities. Most short breaks don’t require a parent or carer to stay with the young person meaning that the parent or carer also gets a break.

Our role is to make sure there is different types of short breaks available and that families can find out information about them and we do this in different ways:

Commissioned Services

We pay for a range of short breaks that are delivered by different organisations. We keep an eye on how busy they are and find out what families think about them. We make sure there is a good spread of activities at different times, for different ages and different disabilities as we aim to make sure there is an activity for everyone.


We bring together information about all the activities for disabled children and young people in the area.

There are lots of ‘mainstream’ clubs in Wirral and we keep up to date with these so we can do tailor made activity searches that include any activity. We also have a mailing list that we use to send out information to keep families in touch with news about clubs and activities. You can join the mailing list by calling or emailing us.


In 2014 we built ‘SenseAbility’, a soft play and sensory area for disabled people of any age at Europa Pools in Birkenhead. For more information, click here

Leisure Link

Leisure Link is a programme offering a disabled young person one to one support to attend an activity of their choice. For more information, click here.

Activity Searches

The team can carry out an individual search to find a suitable activity for your child.

Call the information number below and ask to speak to a member of the Short Break Services Team and tell them you would like an Activity Search to be done for your child.

We will ask you a range of questions such as:

  • How old is your child and what types of activity are they are interested in?
  • What is your child’s disability?
  • Where do you live and how far you are willing to travel within Wirral?

We will use this information to create an individual activity search for your child and can talk you through different options.

[templatic_contentbox type=”info” title=”Wirral Council Short Breaks Statement”]What Short Breaks are available in Wirral and how can they be accessed?


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