Nutrition and Dietetics Service

The Nutrition and Dietetics Service provides expert advice about nutrition, how the body uses nutrients and the relationship between nutrition, health and disease.
We strive to maintain, improve or maximise the health of individuals, groups and families to treat illness and prevent nutrition related problems.

We provide nutritional interventions and support for a variety of needs:

  • Obesity
  • Undernutrition / unintentional weight loss
  • Swallowing problems resulting from a stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease or mental health problems e.g. dementia
  • Eating disorders
  • Diabetes and Impaired Glucose Regulation (pre-diabetes)
  • Heart disease
  • Food allergies
  • Gastroenterology
  • Kidney disease
  • Cancer

Dietetic support includes individual dietary counseling, providing individual and group education, motivation techniques, working with support services to help with food provision, the use of prescription nutritional products to treat under nutrition and tube feeding.

We also act as a specialist resource for other health and social care professionals to promote best nutritional care.


Wirral NHS Nutrition and Dietetics

Specialist Paediatric Dietitians


Children’s Clinics:

  • Victoria Central Health Centre, Mill Lane, Wallasey, CH44 5UF
  • Rock Ferry Children’s Centre, Ionic Street, Rock Ferry, CH42 2BL
  • Brassey Gardens Children’s Centre, 2 Brassey Gardens, Birkenhead, CH41 8DA
  • Bridle Road Clinic, Treetops Primary Care Centre, Bridle Road, Bromborough, CH62 6AR
  • Greasby Health Centre, Greasby Road, Greasby, CH49 3AT
  • Seacombe Children’s Centre, St Paul’s Road, Seacombe, CH44 7AN – Everything you need to get the most out of the NHS

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  • Wirral, United Kingdom

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