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Michael John Academy

To train learners sufficiently to gain sustainable employment within the Hair and Beauty Sector.

Michael John Academy offers students award-winning, state of the art facilities offering “real-life” salon environments; highly skilled tutors delivering bespoke, flexible and industry approved qualifications.  Michael John Academy really is the place to be for anyone serious about a career in the hair and beauty industry. Michael John Academy specialises in grooming the hairdressers, barbers, beauty therapists, nail technicians, spa therapists and salon managers of the future. So whether you’re still at school considering a career in the industry, a newly appointed salon apprentice or a seasoned professional looking to raise your skills or those of your team, the Michael John Academy has a cost-effective and convenient course that’s perfect for you. Individual Setting Questions from a young person’s point of view

  Question Response
  How will the school / college know if I need extra help? How do you identify young people with special educational needs? You will attend an interview, complete the relevant paperwork, with support, if required and complete an English and maths assessment.  This process will enable us to identify if any additional support/help should be put in place to enable you to attend the college.
  What should I do if I think I need extra help? How will I be able to raise concerns I may have? The interview process is very informal and is designed to encourage you to discuss/raise any concerns you may have.  Please be aware that should you disclose any concerns, this will not stop you getting on to a course.  Indeed, it is better that we know as much about you as we can, to ensure that you are put on the most appropriate course as soon as possible. There are members of staff available in college at all times that students can speak to about any support needs they may have or to raise concerns.
  How will my course work be organised to meet my individual needs? What are the school’s/college’s approaches to differentiation? How will that help me? This is dependent on the course.  If it is a full apprenticeship framework you are to complete, then the Awarding Body (City and Guilds) criteria has to be followed and met.  However, proof of your ability, subject knowledge etc. can take the form of witness testimonies, role play, tape recordings, video evidence.  If you have difficulties with written language you will be given the opportunity to use a scribe.  Differentiation is paramount to all we do to make sure learning is inclusive for all our learners. Students are involved in discussions to ensure that college are making every effort to support their individual needs.
  How will I be involved in planning for my needs and who will explain it and help me? How will the young person be able to contribute his or her views? How will the school/college support him or her to do this? You will be involved in the decision making process throughout your course.  Key support staff who can help you include; Pastoral Support Officer, trainee Social Workers, Functional Skills Manager, fully qualified vocational Tutor/Assessors and Employment Liaison staff.  All learners are invited to discuss any reasonable adjustment requests throughout the planning stages and will be encouraged to do this.  At the start of your course, you will have a one to one interview with the Pastoral Support Manager where you will complete a confidential questionnaire which should help you to plan for your course. Every six months all college students will engage in a Learner Voice Forum which will give them the opportunity to voice their opinions and views. This forum is student led and focuses solely on what the students’ opinions are.
  Who will tell me what I can do to help myself and be more independent? Who will help me and what sort of things are available? You will work with your tutor to set SMART targets which will be your responsibility to achieve.  This will help you to become more independent, stretch your abilities and you will be encouraged to complete homework which will be set by your vocational tutors and the Functional Skills Manager. This is designed to reinforce the knowledge delivered during the classroom sessions in college. If you are on a Study Programme, the pathway will be bespoke to your needs.
  What should I do if I’m worried about something? Who should I talk to? How will you help me? We employ a Pastoral Support Manager and work closely with UCLAN who provide us with trainee Social Workers who carry out work experience.  This ensures that you will have access to confidential advice and guidance and will help to keep you on track to achieve your qualifications. The pastoral team have strong links with outside agencies and are able to signpost students to various services to help with their worries e.g. housing, benefits advice etc.
  How will I know if I’m doing as well as I should? In addition to the normal reporting arrangements what opportunities will there be for me to discuss my progress with the staff? How does the school/college know how well I’m doing? How will I know what progress I should be making? How will you explain to me how my learning is planned? How and when will I be involved in planning my education? You will work with your tutor to take responsibility for planning your own targets.  All key staff will be involved in tracking your progress.  All tutors report learner progress to the Vocational Programme Managers through internal meetings and achievements and concerns are logged on to Records of Progress which chart the success of all learners.  This ensures a robust system of tracking is in place and any difficulties are dealt with early so that learning can continue effectively.
  How can I get help if I’m worried about things other than my course? What is the pastoral, medical and social support available in the school/college for young people with SEND?  How does the school/college manage the administration of medicines and the provision of personal care? What support is there for behaviour, avoiding exclusions and increasing attendance? The pastoral support offered is outstanding.  The Pastoral Support Officer will liaise with any outside agencies, carers, parents, etc. to ensure that all holistic and medical needs are met.  We would follow legal guidelines relating to the administering of medicines and personal care, but at this moment, we do not employ anyone who is trained to carry out medical or personal care. Classroom behaviour is managed by all tutors and there are strict procedures and strategies in place to ensure behaviour and attendance is managed appropriately and effectively. The pastoral support within college is designed to break down any barriers to education to ensure increased attendance and to avoid exclusions.
  Are there staff in school/ college who have had special training to help young people who need extra help? This should include recent and future planned training and disability awareness. Are there specialist staff working at the school/college and what are their qualifications? This is dependent on the help required.  All tutors have undertaken disability awareness and safeguarding training.  This, however, does not qualify them as specialists.  The Pastoral Support Manager attends a LLLD forum meeting quarterly which looks closely as matters and issues arising from disability.  There is a full time Functional Skills Manager to support the delivery/achievement of English and maths.
  Can school/college staff get extra help from experts outside of the school/college and what are their qualifications? What other services does the school/college access including health, therapy, and social care services? We work closely with outside agencies such as CAMHS, YOT, Princes Trust etc. and liaise with social workers/key workers to support learners who already have any form of intervention in place.
  If I have difficulty taking part in school/college activities what different arrangements can be made for me? How will I know who can help me? You would be encouraged to participate in all aspects of your course.  However, you could be assigned a support worker, which would normally be a trainee social work student.  You would work closely with the person on a one to one basis to ensure you have a productive and rewarding learning experience.  All staff would be available to help you should the need arise.
  What help is there to help me get ready to start college? What preparation will there be for the school / college and young person before he or she joins the new setting. What information will be provided to his or her new setting? How will you support the new setting to prepare for the young person? All learners undertake a three week initial assessment.  This will give you the opportunity to prepare for the demands of your chosen course of study.  Initial assessment covers employability skills and focuses on good time keeping, attendance, interview techniques, CV building etc.  You will be given information about the Initial Assessment programme at your interview and at the Induction you will attend before a start date for a course is given.
  I am coming to college or staying at school to prepare for employment – how will I be supported? How will I be prepared to move onto the next stage of my life including employment and life skills? The three week initial assessment will give you the skills employers are looking for.  It is accredited so you will receive a City and Guilds qualification and should give you the opportunity to gain life skills including working in a team, problem solving, money management, time management and communication skills.
  Where is it located, and what areas does it cover? Where are your main locations and do you work across the whole local authority area? Are there any differences in your offer in different parts of the local authority area? If so, what are these? Michael John Academy is located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre.  It is a purpose built hairdressing, beauty therapy and barbering training academy.  It is located close to local and main line stations, bus services etc.  We work across the whole local authority area.

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Funding Status: Independent

Method of Referral: Self

School Hours: Monday- Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm

Eligibility: None

Cost: Costs on application

Parking/Travel Information: Multi storey car parks nearby, close to Liverpool City Centre train and bus routes.

Co-designed school:  No

How does somebody raise a concern about the school?: Concerns can be logged via calling 0151 708 8558.

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