Family Based Short Breaks

Suitable for children who meet the criteria to access services through the Children with Disabilities Team, that is children who have severe or substantial disabilities, specifically

  • A severe or profound learning disability (for children of school age this will be supported by a Statement of Educational Need)
  • A severe physical disability
  • A substantial degree of visual impairment/ moderate and severe hearing loss
  • A complex Autistic Spectrum disorder with severe learning difficulty (A diagnosis of Autism or Autistic Spectrum
  • Disorder does not of itself meet the criteria for the service)
  • A complex medical health condition (For the youngest children with complex health needs or technological dependence there will usually be involvement from the Continuing Care Co-ordinator)

Minimum Age: 0
Maximum Age: 17

Wirral’s Family Based Shorts Breaks offers overnight stays in a family based setting for children and young people with physical disabilities and complex health needs. Action for Children provide the service and they have approved Short Break Carers. The homes of the carers have been adapted to meet the needs of the children and young people.

The overnight breaks are delivered in a flexible way to meet the needs of the children young people and their families which includes weekends, weekdays and holiday periods. The service is designed to provide the children and young people with enjoyable experiences in a new setting and for parents to have a break from their caring roles.

The service can only be accessed via a referral from a social worker within the Children with Disabilities Team. If you have a social worker you can discuss it with them, if you don’t telephone 0151 666 4700 to request an assessment.

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  • Wirral, United Kingdom
  • 0151 666 4700

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