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Travel Support

Free travel assistance

Wirral Council has a statutory duty to provide free travel assistance to assist compulsory school age pupils within certain criteria. This includes pupils who:
Are between 5 and 16 and go to their nearest suitable school and live at least:

  • 2 miles from the school if they’re under 8
  • 3 miles from the school if they’re 8 or older

Are registered at their local school and are unable to walk to school due to a route which the Council has assessed as hazardous.
Are from a low income family (entitled to free school meals or maximum Working Tax Credit) if they are:

  • aged 8 to 11 and the school is at least 2 miles away
  • aged 11 to 16 and the school is 2 to 6 miles away – as long as there are not 3 or more suitable schools nearer to home
  • aged 11 to 16 and the school’s 2 to 15 miles away – if it’s their nearest school preferred on the grounds of religion or belief

Are registered at their local school or the most appropriate school to meet their special educational needs and those needs prevent them from achieving independent travel or walking the statutory distance safely accompanied by an adult.

How do I apply?

In some cases transport assistance will be provided in the form of a travel pass subject to a number of criteria such as the age of the child, distance to travel to school, evidence of low income and availability of a safe walking route.
Parents/carers of students with Special Educational Needs and or Disability (SEND) who wish to apply for specialised free transport assistance are required to submit an application.
The new application criteria will also apply to existing applicants where there is a change of circumstances, for example, if they move house, change school or their benefit entitlement changes.

What other information is available?

Find out more about independent travel training for students with Special Educational Needs and or Disability.

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