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What is an EHC Plan?

What is an EHC plan and who is it for?

From September 2014 Education, Health and Care Plans have been replacing Statements of Educational Needs and Learning Disability Assessments. They are person-centred plans that bring the child or young person’s education, health and care needs information together in a single document.
EHC Plans are for children and young people between the ages of 0-25. EHC Plans are designed to give families more control over how they are supported and can include a personal budget.
Having an EHC Plan means the different agencies that provide education, health and social care support will work together to help children and young people achieve their goals. Before children and young people get an EHC Plan they must have an EHC Needs Assessment.

Who will get an EHC Plan?

EHC Plans are for children and young people who have special educational need disability that cannot be met by support that is usually available in a setting, school or college. This is known as what is “ordinarily available” and is expected that schools provide.
Wirral’s threshold documents give detail about what schools are expected to provide for children with SEN in schools. You can find the threshold documents listed below
SEND Headteacher Threshold Information Sept 2016
Visual Impairment Threshold Document
Specific Learning Difficulty Threshold Document
Social, Emotional, Mental Health Threshold Document
Medical, Physical Threshold Document
Moderate Learning Difficulty – Severe Learning Difficulty Threshold Document
Hearing Impairment Threshold Document
Autistic Spectrum Condition Threshold Document

If you want to find out more about EHC Plans you can talk to the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) in your school or by contacting;
Wirral’s SEND Information, Advice and Support Service.
Independent Support Service.
SEN Team.

Useful Documents

Fact Sheet_Education Health Care Plans
EHC Plan Document 2016
Applying for a Pupil Funding Agreement
Applying for an EHCP Assessment

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