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Health Care Provision


Health services in Wirral are mainly commissioned (purchased) by Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and specialist services by NHS England. Wirral CCG commissions services for the children, young people and families of Wirral from many different providers. These include Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Wirral Community NHS Trust.

Each commissioned service has its own

  • Agreed eligibility criteria (who can access the service)
  • Agreed referral criteria (how to access the service)

If you have any questions concerning any of the health services found in the Local Offer and whether your child may benefit from referral, please discuss these with you GP or any of your existing health professional involved with the care of your child.

The Local Offer is designed to give you information for local children and young people who have special educational needs or disabilities and their families. It tells you about organisations and services that can offer support around healthy lifestyles, mental health, drugs and alcohol as well as information on pregnancy and sexual health.

Every area has to have a Designated Medical Officer or Designated Clinical Officer. Wirral has both of these people in post to help ensure children and young people meet their health outcomes.

The Designated Medicated Officer and / or Designated Clinical Officer’s work within a team and play a key role in implementing the Children and Families Act reforms and supporting joined up working between health services and local authorities.

They ensure that children and young people’s holistic health needs are considered and that the right provision is accessed to meet the health needs. Having health needs should not stop children and young people achieving their outcomes.

They can both be reached on 0151 514 2672.

You can read more about their roles here 

Click here to find out what to do if you have concerns for your child’s development
Click here to find out what to do if your child is ill or injured



Transforming care is a national programme led by NHS England which is all about improving health and care services so that more people with learning disabilities and/or autism can live in the community, with the right support, close to home and have the same opportunities as anyone else.

The Transforming Care Approach



Free on-line training for parents and carers of children and adults with Learning Disabilities and or Autism


Health Provision

Information for Continuing Care (Children) and Continuing Health Care (Adults)

Continuing Care Pathway



Wirral University Teaching Hospital are committed to improving the lives and health outcomes of children and young people with learning disabilities and or autism, please see the link below for information and details of the support which is available provided by The Learning Disability and Autism team.



Children’s Community Outpatients
Community Paediatrics
Paediatric Audiology and Audiovestibular Medicine Department
Speech and Language Therapy Service

This list explains a little about the people who might be involved in your child’s care:


Audiovestibular Physician
A doctor specialising in hearing and balance problems. Find out more…
Child and Mental Health Services) This service is provided via locally based teams, who offer, following assessment, intervention based on what the issues are and what the young people and families want to gain. This intervention will be from a broad range of therapeutic practices, consultation and advice. Find out more…
Community Paediatrician
Specialist children’s doctor who has an expertise in looking after children with long term development problems, which may have an impact on other areas of their life. Find out more…
Continence Advisor
One who can provide advice and practical help for a child with bladder and bowel problems. Find out more…
One who can advise on food, diet and nutrition in a child with eating problems including those who need to be on a special diet or has difficulties in chewing and/or swallowing. Find out more…
Health Visitor
One who can give you practical advice on day to day matters such as feeding, sleep, teething, development and behaviour. Some health visitors have specialist roles such as involvement with children with disabilities. Find out more…
Occupational Therapist (OT)

One who can help promote your child’s development and functional ability in every day activities. The OT will look at difficulties in and outside of the home, nursery or school and look at ways of overcoming these with advice, equipment and adaptations. Find out more…


One who helps in the management and development of movement skills. There are a number of ways in which children with motor difficulties can be helped. These may include exercises to strengthen weak muscles and games to improve coordination and motor skills. Find out more…

School Nurse
One who works closely with education staff in your child’s school. They can offer practical advice and support Find out more…
Specialist Parent Classes

Sometimes run locally to help you improve your relationship with your child and find strategies to deal with some of the common problems you face.

Speech and Language Therapist
One who helps children learn to communicate, either through speech or other methods. They can also help if there are problems with eating, drinking and swallowing. Find out more…

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