Blog 6 – Traits

Part 3- Common traits for girls that have Autism. A lot of them I find within myself, a lot if others I see I other Autistic people I know. This is definitely broad because we are all different, always remember that. A lot of people when they think Autism, they think...

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Blog 5- Autism in girls Part 2

In my opinion people should drop the label ‘high functioning’ and ‘low functioning’ because I personally don’t take it as a compliment that ‘I’m high functioning’ It’s just a reminder that I’m masking and things are so hard. Let me tell you, masking is the most...

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Blog 4 – Autism in girls!

Autism in girls…. Part 1 When doctors studied Autism, they only used males when gathering their research. Why would they do this? This now makes it much harder for females to be diagnosed because everything has been based on the male brain. Girls often display...

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Blog 3 – Lockdown life

I generally avoid the news and I am really careful on social media. That said, I know most of the media talk is about the physical casualties of this virus. I get that it’s a good thing if you can perhaps distract yourself a little from the outside world but...

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Blog 2 – Living in a pandemic with Special Needs

Living in a Covid-19 Worldwide Crisis, I cannot help thinking of some similarities between the situation we find ourselves in with the lockdown and social distancing.  It is what most Autism and special needs families are faced with every day. With the reality of this...

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Welcome to the exciting new BLOG

This extract is from an incredibly brave and strong young lady, this is the story about a person trying to live with anxiety, autism and social communication disorder through lockdown. I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that people are talking more and more...

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