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Wirral Council have made significant changes to the Blue Badge application process saving weeks of time for nearly 3,000 of our disabled residents. Previously disabled residents had to visit a One Stop Shop to apply for a Blue Badge and were often faced with a long wait to find out whether they would be eligible to receive a blue badge. Council staff would then have to meet with customers on several occasions to receive and scan documents before manually inputting data from the forms. Wirral Council have now reviewed the process and managed to reduce the time it takes from 8-12 weeks to 5-10 days by introducing a seamless digital process. Now, more than 2,400 of Wirral residents with disabilities have seen the benefits of accessing this service online. It is available 24/7, removing the need to visit a One Stop Shop, saving stress and inconvenience to blue badge eligible residents and time and money on printing for staff. For disabled people without access to the internet, staff at the One Stop shops will be only to happy to offer their support.

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