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I generally avoid the news and I am really careful on social media. That said, I know most of the media talk is about the physical casualties of this virus.

I get that it’s a good thing if you can perhaps distract yourself a little from the outside world but personally I’m finding that the easiest way to do this right now is by focussing on helping others, opening new opportunities and staring out of the window. I am working up to decorating my bedroom, I am not quite there yet…… but close.

I’m sure, with time, I’ll adjust to living under lockdown. If society  expected me and other autistic people to just casually pick up a new way of living and with the click of our fingers it will all be ok and our  anxious thoughts about Covid-19 would be gone, then they were mistaken. That is not going to happen.

Having a supportive family and work colleagues who understand my needs, who’ve guided me when I needed direction and been happy to listen to me when I just needed to talk. I guess it’s the perks of working in a Special Needs department.

As you know it is important that we have as much information shared as we can for our families and young people. If you find anything useful please feel free to share with us to spread the message of support.


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