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Hi there,

I have enjoyed reading some news reports about how tv broadcasting opportunities are becoming more inclusive and accepting for people with a disability. FAB!

One that I really loved and felt a great passion for is Rose Ayling-Ellis from the soap EastEnders. Rose is deaf but hasn’t let this stop her from being a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing 2021. A lot of people were asking ‘how can a deaf person hear the music’ well…  

Rose mentioned multiple times during the programme that she feels the vibration and relies heavily on counts to recognise the beat. She also has an interpreter behind the camera to help her communicate. It made me beam with pride that Rose is knocking down so many barriers for young people, she is such an inspiration and a role model to show you shouldn’t let your disability define you.

Another amazing story was George Webster who has Downs Syndrome. He has recently become a presenter on the children’s tv channel CBeebies. This is a good age for children to understand everybody is unique and have differences. He has released some really informative short videos about myths of Downs Syndrome.


Kadeena Cox a gold-medal-winning Paralympic sprinter and MBE also showed her determination to find a way to overcome all the competition to win Celebrity MasterChef 2021. Kadeena has multiple sclerosis and powered through to beat all the other competitors. Her food looked amazing. She also won


Congratulations to actor Tommy Jessop who as part of the cast of Line of Duty recently won a couple of awards at the National Television awards. Tommy, like George has Down Syndrome. He played the part of a young disabled framed for a crime he didn’t commit. His performance was brilliant.

These are just four that stood out to me, there are millions of other success stories. These are showing us a more inclusive and understanding future workforce, which shows every story helps.




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