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Autism Attention card Thank you to our colleagues at Merseyside Police who continue to work with Cheshire Autism Practical Support and a number of other partners to promote the Autism Attention Card. The card has been designed to support someone with an autism spectrum condition including Asperger Syndrome. It can be used in

  • Emergency Situations
  • When dealing with the police
  • When using public transport
  • Any situation that arises where someone with Autism is anxious and need to explain their behaviour to another person

The card can only be issued to people who have a medical diagnosis of Autism. It enables emergency services to be aware of the individual’s needs and to react accordingly. Given this is World Autism Awareness week please can I ask that you share this with friends and partners and together we can make a difference.

Autism Attention Card and Autism Code Leaflet for Merseyside residents



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