Health and Wellbeing

“Friendly health services tailored to young people are available for you across Wirral. If you’re looking for support with health issues or just need advice, look out for the ‘Young People Friendly’ sign.

You’ll find the sign outside a number of walk-in centres and clinics e.g. health services in schools, Brook, Doctors’ surgeries, hospital departments and pharmacies.

‘Young People Friendly’ facilities – services are quality assured so you know that you will:

Be treated with respect –
just because you’re young doesn’t mean you deserve less respect. No matter what your age or background you can be assured that you’ll be treated the same as everyone else.

Be listened to – The service is here to listen to your concerns and issues and to offer sound advice if and when it’s needed.

Not be judged – Health services are not there to judge you, they are there to offer help, advice and support whenever you need it. You’ll receive a confidential services.”

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Mental Health

Mental health is a huge area, but it can help to think of it as ‘the way we think and feel’; and ‘how we manage through life’s ups and downs’. Child and adolescent mental health is also about how young people are developing emotionally and how their thinking may be affecting their behaviour.
Friends and family that we don’t see very often will point out just how much our children are changing. Change is the one constant that is true of all children. Knowing whether they are going through a natural stage of change or whether they may be having a mental health difficulty, is not always obvious; so seeking expert advice about an issue which you may not fully understand, is not something to feel embarrassed about, instead it can be the best step for everyone concerned. Read more
“Children and adolescents with learning disabilities are over six times more likely to have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder than their peers who do not have learning disabilities. Mental health problems may be worsened for those with greater support needs, particularly if they are unable to communicate about their feelings or communicate their distress (it may result in this behaviour mistakenly being seen to be challenging). As a result, changes in emotional wellbeing in children and adults with high support needs may easily be overlooked by those who care for them, particularly if they have high levels of medical needs.” Read more
CWP CAMHS stands for Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Now you can appreciate why we tend to shorten this to CWP CAMHS or even just CAMHS, which we pronounce as “Cams”. We are a team of specially trained workers whose job it is to improve the mental health of children and young people living in the area. We work in partnership with GP’s, hospitals, other professionals and you their parent and carers, to support your child’s health care needs. Find out more here
Is a community based team that provides focused support for children and young people aged 0-16 who have a severe learning disability, and whose behaviours cause difficulty for themselves and their parents/carers. Referrals to the team can be made by parents/carers or any professional who is working with the child. Read more
The box is the self-help section of the My Mind website. Here you will find useful activites and tools to download and use.

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