People you may encounter if you have a child with special needs and/or disability. This has been developed for parents, by parents.

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Parent/Carer forums
Family/parent carer forums are representative local groups of parents and carers of children and young people with disabilities. They work alongside local authorities, education, health and other service providers to ensure the services they plan, commission, deliver and monitor meet the needs of children and families. Family/parent carer forums have been established in most local areas and local authorities are actively encouraged to work with them – indeed their involvement in put-ting forward the views of local parents/carers as a key part of the recent SEND re-forms is stated in the new code of practice. Here on Wirral, Parent Carer Participation Wirral (PCPW) has been contracted by the local authority to help them to co-produce the SEND reforms locally, this has been done through lots of consultations with parents/carers on their views/opinions and then ensuring that it is put forward within all decision making processes. More information about Parent Carer Forums is available from the websites of Contact a Family and the National Network of parent carer forums

A Physiotherapist is trained to provide assessment and treatment in overcoming movement and physical difficulties such as problems of balance, coordination, sitting, standing and walking. The Designated Medical Officer may ask a Physiotherapist to give advice as a contribution to the education health care plan.

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